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Photography Tips: Coming

I was asked to present some information on photography for those Charles-Baltivik Gallery fans that have interest in photography. So, I requested some input from the Gallery’s Facebook fans – what might the interested fans want me to talk about – and the following topics came up:

Depth of Field
– How to set the camera to achieve selective focus on a subject (no matter what the subject)
Different Angles of View
Seeing the Whole Scene through the Frame
Best Settings for Night Photography
– Night Scenes
– Low-light Situations
– Shooting Movement at Night

For the next few days, I’ll take each subject and break it down into manageable ways to think about and then approach these particular subjects when photographing. I’m going to present this information on the level of “Beginner” – someone just learning to photograph, since most of these subjects come up in the beginning all of us learn to take control over our cameras.

I am also going to also consider that if you’ve expressed interest in these subjects, you must have a 35mm DSLR – a Digital Single Lens Reflex – camera. Basically, a digital 35mm camera that has an inter-changeable lens (a lens that can be removed/replaced). I will offer suggestions on equipment before I get into the meat of my tips/lessons, because understanding the abilities or limitations of your equipment is the single most important factor in determining your success as you photograph. Without the right equipment, you can’t do what it is you are trying to achieve, and that only leads to frustration and disappointment. However, I’m NOT going to get overly technical when it comes to equipment – the subject matter presented here will be simplified and basic to assist those wanting success without needing an MIT degree – more of a “KISS” method of learning: Keeping It Super Simple (I don’t ascribe to the “keep it simple, stupid” philosophy, because no one is “stupid”). If you would like to become an equipment wonk, you can read about all the scientific aspects of lens elements and what influences chromatic aberration, Zoom vs. Prime lenses, get a degree in photography, or get opinion after opinion on these subjects, etc.  Better yet, you could take one of my Photography Workshops and we can delve more into your needs and questions so you can be assured of more success!

Above all else, remember this…we all start out learning any subject with nothing but an interest in it and the desire to master it more. Like everything else, learning how to use your camera and to how to photograph creatively takes what I’ve always called The Three Ps: Patience, Perseverance and PRACTICE. The more you know; the better you do.

What is important to me is that I know if the information I present here is understood by those of you who requested it, or have interest in it. Please let me know by commenting below each of the posts. I want to know that I’ve helped!

Come back tomorrow, Monday, 2/16 for the first installation on Depth of Field!
Namaste, Joanne Bartone

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